Information for foreign pilots

This page will contain information that will be of special importance for our foreign pilots participating in the Danish Drone Nationals 2017.

The site is mostly available in Danish. Most important information will be found on this page in English. Should any questions occur, you are more than welcome to contact either Martin Bjørnskov or

Rules and regulations

Most importantly, the Danish government has just released a new set of rules for the use of radio controlled aviation technology. Therefore we highly suggest that all of you visit the “Foreign RC pilots” page at Modelflyvning Danmarks website. This site will help you get the needed knowledge about the rules and regulations applying to the sport in Denmark. Please carefully read and understand everything on the page. If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It is really important that you register as foreign pilot by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, takes the test and receives your ID and sticks it to all of your drones.

Rules for the competition

For the F3U Drone race, UAS Sport Denmark is referring to the FAI rules. Find the rules here.

Be aware that there may be some exceptions from the sporting code. These will be announced at the event. If any questions for the sporting code, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pilot info under competition

The language for most announcements at the event will be made in Danish. This is due to the spectators visiting the race. Important information and announcements for pilots will be made in both Danish and English. Briefings etc. will be either held or translated to English.

Please subscribe to our Messenger bot, which we will use both before and under the event. Most info will be in Danish. Please do a quick Google Translate or ask of if any questions for the content. This bot will also be used under the event for pilot info.

Link to the Chatbot

Video transmitter

Please refer to special requirements for antennas below.

It is allowed to make us of both TBS Unify and ImmersionRC Tramp VTXes at the Danish Drone Nationals. You can either decide to bring your own in the quads or borrow a Tramp at the event.

Please be aware that some special requirements apply to the use of TBS Unify VTX.

While attending the race, you will solely be responsible for not turning on your VTX without permission. If you for some reason should turn on the VTX by accident, please contact the race direction immediately after. If a VTX is turned on without permission you risk to be disqualified. If your VTX begins to spread the signal across channels, please also contact the race direction immediately.

If you use a TBS Unify VTX, you will need to be confident with the use of your VTX. The race direction or UAS Sport Danmark will not be able to support or control these in any way. TBS Unify must be put into Pitmode at the arrival of the event. If you are not using the TBS Unify Race edition, but another version of the TBS Unify VTX, you will need to use LUA Scripts or OSD setup to put your VTX in Pit mode. The VTX may not be able to send signal when power is connected to the quad.

It is solely the pilots responsibility to be sure that the VTX is set to the correct channel and are not making noise to other pilots. If this is not fulfilled, you may be disqualified. The VTX may at no point transmit a stronger signal than 25mW.

You will be able to borrow a ImmersionRC Tramp VTX the whole weekend against a depositum of 400kr, that will be refunded at the return of a fully functioning device at the end of the event. The race direction is able to control and help you use this device in both, channels, pitmode and signal strength.

It is also allowed to use your own Tramp HV VTX, but only in Race mode (25 mW).


DDN17 has this year decided to use the Team Black Sheep event tracker system, that makes use of the VTX to calculate the times.

Special requirements for the antennas will therefore apply to Danish Drone Nationals 2017.

The list in the right is made from antennas with a axial ratio over 0.6. Antennas with a low axial ratio will spread the signal over a broader spectrum the longer distance to your quad. This means that you got weaker signal and potentially spread over other channels.

Home built antennas is not approved for use at DDN/TBS Event tracker.

The list can be updated without warning.

Approved antennas:

Video Aerial Systems:
-Mad Mushroom
-Race Spec

Team Black Sheep



Menace RC


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